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Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth Colored Fillings in Shawnee, KS

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Tooth-colored fillings are white fillings that imitate the natural appearance of a tooth. When it comes to filling a cavity or making minor cosmetic changes, such as fixing a cracked tooth, we think you’ll agree that this is a great solution. This treatment is relatively simple, and our tooth-colored fillings perfectly resemble the surrounding tooth.

It used to be that if you needed a filling, you had to get silver fillings. If you’re over the age of 35, you probably remember this, and you may even have silver fillings. These fillings can sometimes be problematic, because not only do some of them contain large amounts of mercury, but they’re known for wearing down. They require a considerable portion of the tooth to be worn away so that they can be placed. They also can expand or contract, creating cracks in the teeth. In the worst cases, they even turn black. In addition, bacteria can sneak in through the cracks and put the tooth’s core at risk of suffering from decay and infection.

For these reasons, at Monticello Family Dental we use a tough, composite tooth-colored filling that both looks natural and provides a strong layer of defense from bacteria. If you currently have silver fillings and you want them replaced with tooth-colored fillings, we’d be happy to serve you! We can help you obtain a bright, healthy smile, no metal included.

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Our dental fillings are not just about restoring the health of your teeth; they're about preserving your smile's integrity and strength. With a focus on precision and aesthetics, our team employs advanced techniques to ensure your fillings blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. Bid farewell to dental discomfort and embrace the confidence of a complete, healthy smile. Experience the difference as we restore your teeth to their full glory, combining functionality and beauty in every aspect of our care.

Benefits of tooth-colored fillings

  • Tooth-colored fillings are easy to repair. Unlike silver fillings, if something happens to go wrong with tooth-colored fillings, we don’t need to undo the whole treatment to remedy it.
  • Tooth-colored fillings are easy and quick to apply - you can get them in just one visit!
  • For many cases, the procedure of receiving them is entirely pain free.
  • Fillings attach to the teeth with a chemical reaction, and do not require any kind of complicated adhesives, screws or surgeries to apply them.
  • Because tooth-colored fillings go on top of the teeth, no wearing down on the bone structure is necessary.

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