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Tooth Colored Fillings in Shawnee KS

Our mercury-free tooth-colored fillings will strengthen damaged teeth and restore your smile.

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Do you have problems with old fillings? If you are over the age of 35 and / or had low cost dental care in the past, any fillings you have are probably made of traditional filling materials such as mercury / silver amalgams.

This type of filling is prone to failure, and can expand (breaking your tooth), contract (allowing bacteria to get under the filling and restart the decay process), leak (causing unsightly staining of your teeth) or crack and fall out (leaving you with a hole in your tooth).

At our mercury-free dental office in Shawnee, Kansas, we use natural looking fillings that provide added strength to your tooth and eliminate the obviousness of your previous dental work. Your smile can be natural and bright, without all of that metal.

The Process:

In many cases, an old filling can be removed, any additional decay taken care of, and a new filling installed in the same day. For teeth that are severely damaged, a mold may be taken of the affected area, a temporary cap applied, a customized filling created, and a second appointment made to have the filling bonded to the tooth.

Tooth colored fillings can last for decades without the need for further attention outside of regular dental visits and at-home oral hygiene. Your tooth will be stronger than ever and your smile will look natural and metal-free.

Many patients also notice that long-term temperature and pressure sensitivity in their teeth finally goes away within 3-6 months of having old metal filings replaced with tooth colored composite fillings.

If you have old fillings and are having issues or would like them replaced, call our Shawnee dental office to schedule an appointment.

We serve patients in Shawnee, Western Shawnee, and Shawnee Mission, as well as Bonner Springs, Olathe, De Soto, Eudora, Edwardsville, Lake Quivera, Merriam, and the surrounding areas.

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