Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry in Shawnee KS

For patients who are anxious in a dental setting, who have had bad dental treatment experiences, or who require extensive dental procedures, our offices offer several different dental sedation options.

Nitrous Oxide

The most common sedation option used in dental offices, "laughing gas" is a simple blend of nitrous oxide and oxygen, delivered through a small mask that fits over the patient’s nose. Most patients feel less anxious and more relaxed almost instantly, and their treatment can be completed quickly.

Nitrous is not a narcotic or a pain reliever. It simply combats anxiety and nervousness. The amount of nitrous being delivered can be increased or decreased to provide the amount of relief needed. Once the dental treatment is complete, the mask is removed, and the patient will become completely alert again in just a few minutes.

Nitrous oxide is a safe, non-invasive option for dental sedation, and can even be used for patients who have anxiety over basic preventive care such as cleanings. Just let us know if you would like nitrous oxide to be available when you make your appointment.

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